224: Our Inspirational Collection

Our journey together getting our first tattoo, enlightened me in many ways. I feel as if it created a different form of confidence by creating clarity in my mind to begin this business venture.

224 is the divine realm offering guidance. So, it is super important to us to create our brand around this magical set of numbers. The meaning behind 224 is finding confidence, happiness and believing in yourself. It also stands for staying together today, tomorrow & forever which is how we feel about our relationship. Sofia being an only child, we were and are always together.

I’ve created Caso Boutique to help my daughter with her own self confidence and for her to have a creative outlet to express herself. I also wanted a project for her and I to work on together to be proud of. We hope that our branding with this set of numbers creates the magic in you as it did us!!


224 Collection

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